Branding: Build a National Brand

Ed Levine had a 75-attorney firm in four states, but needed a unified marketing message for the corporate entity that was flexible enough that each attorney would be able customize their specialty under the corporate umbrella.

Using print-on-demand and digital printing, and custom iMovie formats for digital, wallingerconsulting helped:

  1. Establish corporate guidelines and standards to build the branding
  2. Fit each attorney’s growth strategy with custom marketing programs
  3. Build a “virtual marketing team” of suppliers, designers and videographers that understood the needs and responded in an aggressive timeframe
  4. Build a flexible marketing toolkit for next-day service to meet the needs of the firm and its vast network of attorneys and business concerns
  5. Generate a series of messages, materials and high-end custom branding that carried the corporate culture


Create a flexible, repeatable marketing system that could be customized to fit each attorney’s expertise, but unify to bring together custom materials for individual client acquisition.

“wallingerconsulting over-delivered,” said Ed Levine. “The virtual marketing team of experts and the virtual team concept totally worked and kept overhead low. The high-end and professional materials helped our attorneys impress the Fortune 500-size companies we served. He not only did more with less, but he managed to make each attorney feel as though they had achieved custom marketing materials that reflected the firm, and the individual, flawlessly.”