Non-Profit: Help Hire Experts to Build an Online Presence

Jane Mason was a social and online expert, but after getting her Master’s Degree from Harvard and taking over as Marketing Director of the Ohio Historical Society, she knew the website had to be overhauled. She had champagne taste, but a modest non-profit budget. And she really needed the group that would renovate the website to be engaged with the process; understand the goals; embrace the mission; and set OHS apart from any other historical society.

wallingerconsulting helped:

  1. Interview and arrange firms that would be a good fit
  2. Reach beyond the core requirement of site renovation to begin to think about revenue generation
  3. Select seven medium-sized businesses to pitch partner programs to generate funds that would be mutually beneficial to both the Society and the partner


Select small-to-medium web design firms that could dedicate a focused team to overhaul the massive Ohio Historical Society website.

“wallingerconsulting navigated through two dozen companies to pick the ones that were the right fit, then helped us make a great selection,” said Mason, adding that the expertise in the industry and the time savings alone were worth the investment. “The strategy to pick smaller firms that could fall in love with us and ‘get’ me since I was the project manager, was a critical task. Larger firms might have had bigger clients, or more firepower, but we wanted a firm and a team who would become passionate about who we were becoming, as well as bore into our core mission to demystify and simplify our message and to work within our limited resources. It worked!”