We’re hyper-focused collaborators, unafraid to give you strong advice. We know how to review, analyze, plan and execute. Quickly.


Research  |  Analyze  |  Test  |  Refine  |  Implement  |  Measure

Our process is tested, proven and delivers results. We counsel, sometimes vigorously, on how to streamline efficiencies, sync with the business plan, and help you get more from your marketing.

Industry, physician and patient engagement strategies platforms, apps and solutions. Digital strategies. Community education. Patient acquisition, education and outreach.

Healthcare is learning to embrace new information … faster. New problem-solving methods are required for healthcare providers, systems, societies and associations, carriers, health plans, law firms, and government agencies in areas such as:

  • Policy
  • Hospital systems and ACOs
  • Patient-centered medical homes
  • Value-based purchasing
  • Strategic planning
  • Compliance
  • Big Data
  • Analytics

Understanding regulations and guidelines is only half the battle … clients still need to communicate to the proper healthcare audiences, whether it’s:

  • Industry influencers
  • Subject-matter experts
  • Physicians
  • Associations
  • Scientists
  • Medical manufacturers
  • Medical device companies
  • Data providers
  • Software companies
  • Hospital systems
  • Facilities management
  • Community
  • Patients and their families

We help healthcare clients navigate the massive shifts, embracing patients in new ways. We help clients share, collaborate and socialize data, science, insights and courses of care through mobile, social media, online and remote learning. We understand Big Data, the analysis of it and the conclusions from that analysis, but we also connect the dots on the strategies and tactics with how to make that information actionable.


Sales and marketing strategies. Tactics that keep the corporate goal front and center. Plans that start with revenue and end with growth. Processes that can adjust to the market.

Our perspective is always from the same point of view, that “everything starts with a sale” but also cross-reference with product development, pricing and promotion. Software is about speed and the skill sets required to execute quickly. For many software companies, either start-ups, or large enterprise providers, that skill set – to adjust, build, re-build, deploy and refine – makes the difference.

We help software companies understand that it’s about architecture and user experience; development and communication; features that scale and benefits that are easily embraced.

It’s also about knowing the marketplace, because start-ups have one set of realities, where enterprise-wide software has others.


Websites that mirror reputations … or build new ones. Social media that builds communities within the legal context. We help counsel the counselors.

Legal Marketing is a growth industry. The guidelines and restrictions are only half of the challenge. The biggest challenge is getting firms to understand that the brand is established, but is it leveraged?

It’s a reputation industry, but that doesn’t restrict firms from using modern tools. See how we helped a single attorney establish the second largest social network in the country. Websites. Collateral. Individual attorney marketing plans.

How should firms use websites to project the brand? Embrace mobile? Social media? Twitter?

Firms can’t just be “on” facebook and LinkedIn … it’s a tool … they have to know how to use it.

Client acquisition. Long-term planning. Industry Verticals. Profitablity. Staffing. Focus.

We often tell agency clients that this isn’t just about passion and branding: this is your livelihood.

We help make your talent profitable.

We insure that those wonderfully creative branding and storytelling projects that make your clients happy leave the agency smiling, too, from the founder to the account managers to the accountants.

We help drive profitability from every project; from planning through implementation, from brainstorming through campaigns; from media budgets to buys.

We help an agency learn how to ask for more from clients, by using a process that works:

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Testing
  • Refinement
  • Implementation
  • Measurement

We don’t eliminate scope creep … we help agencies embrace changes when they happen, because it’s all part of the plan.

And we can talk the talk with creatives, because we understand that those creative solutions are the agencies intellectual property.


Processes that fit today, but will work tomorrow. Tactics that support the strategy, but can be executed with the current team. We embracing the heritage of where the business has been, but give a fresh perspective from an objective overview on where the business can go.

The business has moved offices, added staff, acquired more customers in the past year than in all the prior years. Now what? Add products? Territories? Staff? Remote offices? What’s the growth plan now that success is here.

Sometimes getting a view from an objective source is the best answer.

We start from a clean slate, see the business as it is, help clients get to where they want to be tomorrow.

We’re used to a fast pace, long hours, hearts and souls poured into a business. We help streamline, organize and clear the decks for growth that fits.


We build teams. Attract Marketing leaders.  Join gifted Collaborators.

We are not recruiters, but we have one of the largest and most connected creative networks of talent that clients tap into … continuously.

Chief Marketing Officers and freelancers; part-timers and contract talent; creative brainstormers and I-need-it-this-weekend types.

Mostly, we build eting Departments

Need a strategic Marketing plan? We start at the CFO’s office with budget; cross-reference with the growing needs of the organization; recruit, hire and train teams that fit the business and can execute the plan we agreed upon. Hire, or outsource? Advertising. eting. Social Media. Digital. Print. UX.

We help companies organize a plan, then execute it with the type of talent that fits the culture, but also delivers.

Board recruitment. Fund-raising. Partnerships with Fortune 500-size clients. Using a variety of models and options … all within the confines of the mission.

Non-profits are changing rapidly, but it’s all about the mission, isn’t it? Still, the old cliché is true: no money, no mission.

Working from the Board and Director level, we help non-profits “connect the dots” between the mission and funding. We help identify what the Board wants and what the mission needs, but we also factor in the reality of what the budget allows.

The great news for non-profits is all the channels to get the mission understood and embraced. We build websites that educate about the mission, but also build community and raises money. We help with campaigns that can go viral, provide tools and materials – whether digital, or printed – that communities can embrace, leverage and share whether it’s in one-to-one situations, or nationwide.

Our target clients:

  • Associations
  • Non-profits
  • Not-for-profits
  • Museums
  • Societies
  • Foundations
  • Conferences and Events